There is nothing simple about the construction of a tunnel. It’s a process of problem solving and discovery considered to be one of the most complex civil engineering challenges to solve.

Through our education program, we engage students of all ages in this feat of engineering through a range of digital and hands-on activities from fun team challenges to complex calculations.


Albert Street Viewing PlatformEngineering/construction10 to 1230 minsLook down onto the Albert Street station construction site to see our city evolving before your eyes.
Investigator ManualTunnelling5 to 730 minsDig deep to find out more about the construction of the Cross River Rail tunnels.
Stages of ConstructionEngineering4 to 830 minsWhat’s involved in building the twin tunnels under the river and the CBD?
Engineers workshopEngineering/Mathematics9 and 1060 minsWith a focus on measurement and geometry, students will explore several technical challenges on the project, including learning about the cross sections of the mined tunnels, why they are important and the alignment of the tunnel. Presented by a Tunnels Stations and Development (TSD) Area Engineer.
Tunnelling 101Engineering/Mathematics11 to 1260 minsSupported by a Cross River Rail Mechanical Engineer, students will use tunnel boring machine (TBM) data, geotechnical information and friction forces to solve a real world problem scenario.

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